Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's a Girl!, a Blog!

Today marks the inception of a shiny, brand-new blog: Great Green Blogs. I am proud to introduce her to the world (however big or small that blog-viewing world might be), though I suppose there will be times when she misbehaves or is less representative of my hopes for her.

The story behind Great Green Blogs:

Sometime during my many visits to favorite eco-friendly blogs and sites, amidst much lurking (and sometimes posting), a seed of love was planted. (Ew! I know...TMI.) This little seed grew to become a tiny brainchild, with the usual cell division and multiplication (waaaaay too much math for one sentence), and has finally burst forth with great energy!

Despite her title, Great Green Blogs is not on an ego trip and does not profess to be great, though it would be lovely if you thought her so, but instead hopes to bring you the best of the green blogs floating about in cyberspace, while creating her own special place in it. She inherits her name from a rather distasteful, yet endearing, camp (and campy-y) song:

Great Green Globs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts... Get it? Globs....Blogs...

Well, you get the idea. It's right up there with the Guess I'll Go Eat Worms song. It's not a very vegan choice of namesakes, but because of my tendency for random songs to jump into my head and get stuck there, so this blog is stuck with her name as well. (And I do mean stuck...the song has played in my head every morning in the shower since the inception of this blog! Not exactly the type of song I want to start my morning with...)

I promise that henceforth there shall be no further glorification of animal mistreatment, mischief, or mutilation (or cruelty, either...but there might be some alliteration!). On the contrary, as you'll read in one of my future posts, you will find only love and respect for all life in these pages. :)

The purpose of this blog will primarily be to bring cohesion to my many "green" ideas (both new, and eco-friendly), and secondarily to share them and engage in discourse about them with like-minded (and perhaps dis-like-minded) individuals.

The rules:

1) I get to make up words. Then I get to put them in some semblance of order.
2) You get to make up words, too, and are invited to order them...or not. Words that are totally incomprehensible or downright mean-spirited might get deleted, though.
3) We all play nice or we go home.

I readily admit to being new at this blog-motherhood stuff, but I'm willing to learn. Now, I think it's time to establish a play group.

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