Monday, September 17, 2007

A Little Clarity

As I'm still a baby bloggerina, I thought I might start today's post by establishing a few goals for the blog. (Yesterday's post was supposed to do that, but I was too excited in the moment of publishing to be very coherent...)

For starters, I believe in recycling. This belief is not limited to matter, though I'll spare you the philosophical navel-contemplating (for now). Most of everything I know I learned from another source - a teacher, a friend, a book, a web site. Therefore, it's probable that some of my posts may contain familiar topics, especially for the well-read cyber-readers out there. While I do occasionally have an original thought, I find that where I excel is in collecting existing elements or ideas and rearranging them or re-framing them. My hope is that in gathering some of my favorite green ideas, products, and sites, and bringing them to my blog I might be able to create a virtual goody basket to share.

Throughout my posts you will see a familiar symbol (if I can figure out how to make it do what I want to...) - the green recycling symbol: . Wherever it occurs, you can expect that it will denote a specific change - a refreshing new take on something old.

In other business, I find that I'm not entirely satisfied with the title of this blog. The original picture in the heading contained lovely green grapes from a recent wine tour (which I will have to post later for your visual enjoyment), but it just didn't quite suit the blog's essence. After establishing all the important things (colors and pictures, of course!), I hunted around for a more fitting title, as well. The most obvious title would be Green Yogini, which is the handle I have used to post on a handful of eco-savvy sites - but, sad day, it was already taken by another kindred spirit. So, in the spirit of recycling, I started anew with the initial title and fancied her up a bit. Don't be surprised too much if you return to find a new color, or picture, or even title one day - the only thing constant is change itself!

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