Sunday, September 23, 2007


Photo by aeu04117 on Flickr using Creative Commons.

As I mentioned in a previous post, autumn is my favorite season. Winter is too cold, and summer is often too hot - but autumn is just right. (To be revealed in another post, my Goldilocks' Syndrome...)

What could be better than the warmth of the sun, moderated by the crisp, cool breeze? Or the clean blue sky, sprinkled with gauzy, pure-white clouds, set against the backdrop of grass so green it's appetizing? Not much, I say. But nothing - I mean nothing (well, except maybe chocolate) rivals a sip of apple cider or chai whilst gazing upon happy little trees in shades of scarlet, red-violet, pumpkin, gold, and rust.

Some friends have theorized that my affinity toward the season is due to the simple fact that my birthday (ugh) lies within its boundaries. I beg to differ, though I believe it's no mistake that I was born in autumn. I believe it's autumn's array of complex colors, textures, and flavors that most interest me. Everything becomes more vibrant.

Maybe the illusion of magical transformation occurs due to the phenomenon of temporal balance that occurs in the autumn - today, in fact. The autumnal equinox even sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Today day and night are (mostly) equal, as are the energies of the sun and moon. Hatha Yoga also contains within its practice (and name - see link) the best of both sun (ha-) and moon (-tha) energies, which it strives to balance through the use of physical postures, breathing practices, meditation, and life-guiding principles.

Samasthiti and tadasana are two Yoga poses which embody the essence of balance that autumn brings. Enjoy a local, and seasonal apple or apple cider today (like I did - from Patterson farm), and relish the beauty of equilibrium.

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