Thursday, June 4, 2009

Product Review: Stonyfield Farm Organic

Back when I was first switching to organic dairy and soy products I tried a lot of yogurt. For years I'd stuck primarily with one conventional yogurt brand, so the experiment was rather traumatic at first. (I nearly gave up trying to find a new favorite altogether when I tried a popular soy yogurt and was scarred for life - I have never tried another...or soy ice cream, for that matter, yet I do enjoy other organic, non-GMO soy products on occasion.)

But then I tried Stonyfield Farm Organic yogurt and found that it was quite pleasing to the palate. I wasn't yet a groupie, but the happy cow logo, the lack of sugar in the plain version, a clear statement that the product contained no preservatives or artificial ingredients, no growth hormones, no pesticides, and no use of antibiotics, and the company's commitment to donating a portion of their profits to environmental causes sufficiently satisfied my desire to remain a conscious consumer. I later found out that they also have a solar roof which produces some of their own renewable energy, their packaging is BPA-free, they purchase carbon emissions offsets, and that the company partners with Preserve (the company that makes my toothbrush) to recycle packaging into toothbrushes, razors, and more! To learn more about the company's environmental practices, click here, and see the information at the bottom of the partnership page about how and where to send your used yogurt cups.) The site also has coupons available, for those who wish to live organically on a budget.

I had begun purchasing the plain yogurt in the larger containers in order to cut down on plastic use and per-meal cost. It wasn't until I decided one day to try one of the myriad of flavor choices that I struck gold, though. I brought a Chocolate Underground individual yogurt to work with me one day, and as I (mostly mindlessly) began to consume it I was caught by surprise. I literally stopped to check the packaging - had I actually bought yogurt? I was sure what I was eating was an ice cream sundae or a Boston creme pie. Nope - still yogurt. I checked again - live, active cultures, same happy cow, still organic. Huh. Wait. STOP! Fat Free?????? Only 170 calories? I was in Heaven, and I felt the need to shout from the mountain tops!

In fact I did text my foodie friends immediately, only to come down from my high several minutes later and realize that if the entire world began to relish in the chocolatey goodness that is Chocolate Underground, it would be flying off the shelves so fast that I wouldn't be able to find it anymore. On the other hand, I just can't keep this secret - it's too good not to share! The other downside is that this Chocolate Underground only comes in the individual containers, thereby creating more plastic waste. Yowza, what a buzz kill. If you purchase them, check to see where you can recycle these containers in your community, or check the link above for information about how to send your containers back to Stonyfield for recycling.

Incidentally, I had a similar experience (of checking to be sure I wasn't eating a ton of sugar and fat and hormones) with the Stonyfield Farm Organic Creme Caramel Lowfat Frozen Yogurt. (Click on the name listed under Lowfat Frozen Yogurt for nutrition information.)

Mmmmmmm....moooooooo! There's very little that makes me happier than enjoying (mostly) guilt-free dairy from happy cows! :)